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Mercedes Pulling Problems


You have:

  • A pull to the left
  • An off-centre steering position
  • A slow steering return after cornering
  • Probably gone from pillar to post trying to resolve these issues

No panic - this happens to lots of different cars that may need some tuning to their steering geometry and wheel alignment.

Historically the majority of owners experience nothing more than trouble free driving from their pride and joy, however we have noticed some issues with some cars pulling to one side.

I can assure you this is 100% curable so what's wrong?

The Mercedes chassis encompasses particular traits that are unique to this marque, namely an aggressive front Castor angle and a sedate Camber position, this is done for good reason but there's a consequence.

The consequence is these huge forces need to be countered more or less symmetrically between the front wheels, small variants between the wheels will permit a pull, which is aggravated by the road crown.

In order to dissolve the complaint we have found that if the Camber and Castor positions are "staggered", albeit with a delicate touch, this ensures that the stagger does not generate tyre wear or interfere with the suspensions design harmony. This delicate touch needs unique analysis of each individual chassis condition, requiring the same insight tuning the chassis.

Mercedes cleverly knew that their chassis may need "tuning" from time to time, so by design adjusters were fitted to allow this. Unfortunately after year 2000 the adjusters where no longer pre-installed on some models meaning the owner now needs to have them fitted to compensate for the particular angle generating the complaint.

Well it all reads depressing but it's not. Installing the corrective adjusters is simplistic assuming the correct angles are addressed.

Blackboots and Wheels in Motion stops the pull, simple as that.


Protecting your investment

Congratulations on your forthcoming purchase of tyres for your supercar. However, you need to be mindful about correct geometry and wheel alignment settings (this could be the reason for your inconsistent or premature wear).

Fitting the correct tyres is imperative to the car's performance and splendour but there is a very important requirement needed to complement this, that being the chassis positions (adjusted / corrected by geometry and wheel alignment). It's easy to think "oh now what" but in truth this opportunity to tune the chassis back to the original build positions is an advantage over lesser Marques.

The car manufacturer had the insight to offer an adjustable chassis and from this we can reposition the chassis back to the perfect build positions originally intended, compensating for the accumulated daily trauma experienced from our roads. Surgically calibrated we offer the splendor originally intended handling plus the reassurance that your tyre investment is absolutely secure and the life of your new tyres maximised.


Mercedes pulling problems


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