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This distressing condition is when the driver needs to make involuntary corrections to the steering in order to maintain directional control.

Tram-lining complaints have a wider audience due to the advent of the RFT (Run-Flat-Tyre) the "extra load sidewall" and the ever lower tyre aspect ratio (sidewall).

The physics of Tram-lining is the communication between the tyres contact patch, the rigidity of the tyres sidewall and the wheel rim, in the advent of any road imperfection the tyre can no longer suppress lateral displacement allowing the sidewall to pass energy to the wheel and then the steering, this energy requires the driver to counteract with a correction to the steering wheel.

Tram-lining can be controlled by the manipulating tyre pressure and the front Toe angle, although the correct Toe angle would need to be found.

Our expertise is to find the centre point of the "Toe tendency", this tendency once found ensure the tyres sidewall has minimal lateral energy to transport to the driver.

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