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Pre-Alignment Assesment Guide


1. Check and adjust tyre pressures,
2. Measure and respect vehicle ride height,

Spec available - within - continue - outside - discontinue

Spec not available - measure trim height across axle

- difference less than 10 mm - continue
- difference more than 10 mm - discontinue

3. Jack up vehicle and check for excessive wear, and wheel run out (opinionated assessment)

- within - continue
- outside - discontinue

4. Fit foot brake brace, and lower front wheels onto full floating radius plates

5. Bounce / and settle suspension, rotate steering lock/ to lock/ fit steering brace

6. If the vehicles steering is powered, or suspension is active start engine

7. Take readings

8. Assess / normal / or excessive figures

- within 30 min considered acceptable - continue
- more than 30 min
- assess why?
- new components - continue
- no new components or impact - discontinue

9. Bounce and assess toe tendency from / to (minimum and maximum flow of alignment)

10. Calculate / and adjust to centre of toe tendency


Replace worn / bent components / suggest full wheel geometry


Monitor tyre wear and customise settings, after about 1000 miles

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