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Porsche Tyres


Why use Blackboots and Wheels in Motion for the supply and fitment of your Porsche tyres?

Well, quite simply, as owners of Porsches ourselves, and as one of the UK’s leading tyre dealers, we have full knowledge of all the technical information that is so important to the fitment of Porsche tyres. Porsche recommend that only N rated tyres are fitted to most of their vehicles. We have seen instances where lesser able tyre suppliers have fitted standard tyres and non-Porsche fitment only to see serious handling problems and inconsistent premature wear.

N rated tyres were developed for Porsche exclusively by the tyre manufacturers and were designed to enhance performance and handling and are built to cope with the exact weight distribution of the very vehicle they are carrying.


If you deviate from the N marked tyres, you may experience poor stability or handling. It could also affect your insurance. The N specification branding includes N-0, N1, N2, N3 or N4. These markings clearly identify the tyre being specified by Porsche for their use. It is recommended that only matching tyres be used on Porsche vehicles and since many Porsche vehicles are fitted with different sizes on the front and rear axles, this means matching the tyre and specification carefully.

Another reason for using for the supply and fitment of your Porsche tyres is that we have the finest equipment available in the UK and Europe. This kit consists of Touchless Tyre Machines, Uniflate Nitrogen Tyre Inflation (as in Formula 1), Hunter Hawkeye Three Dimensional Wheel Alignment and Geometry systems and advanced anti vibration systems for the precise balance of the wheels.

This state of the art equipment is used by skilled technicians, all professionals and very experienced. When your wheels are finally refitted to your vehicle, they are torqued up to the correct settings and double checked. No trauma, no drama, no damage!!

Your wheels are in safe hands.


Protecting your investment

Congratulations on your forthcoming purchase of tyres for your supercar. However, you need to be mindful about correct geometry and wheel alignment settings (this could be the reason for your inconsistent or premature wear).

Fitting the correct tyres is imperative to the car's performance and splendour but there is a very important requirement needed to complement this, that being the chassis positions (adjusted / corrected by geometry and wheel alignment). It's easy to think "oh now what" but in truth this opportunity to tune the chassis back to the original build positions is an advantage over lesser Marques.

The car manufacturer had the insight to offer an adjustable chassis and from this we can reposition the chassis back to the perfect build positions originally intended, compensating for the accumulated daily trauma experienced from our roads. Surgically calibrated we offer the splendor originally intended handling plus the reassurance that your tyre investment is absolutely secure and the life of your new tyres maximised.


Porsche Tyres


Blackboots and Wheels in Motion offer new tyre fitting, bespoke wheel alignment and geometry services at our state of the art workshop facility in Chesham Buckinghamshire. We fit a complete range of tyre brands across all types of car from high performance and super cars to prestige models and family cars. Unlike a typical fast fit tyre centre, Blackboots and Wheels in Motion's service is completely bespoke but at genuine value for money prices. Compare our prices to the fast fit operators and then come and experience the Blackboots and Wheels in Motion difference.
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